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Photogrammetry has been made easy these days, just took around 10 minutes to take 50 high resolution (24 Mega Pixels) photos and run a pre-calibration on lens distortion and finally there we go; a 3D model of a 50 cm x 50 cm statue.  

May 25

There is no more efficient way of doing feature surveys than using 3D Laser Scanning technology. Lots of benefits can be achieved; no revisit, 360 photos, point cloud, fly-through visualisation and lots of more..  

This is our latest project going feature survey and as always we do we completed the job with 3D Scanning, simple is that! So, your client can ask for more information based on the captured scan data and eventually it saves them time and money. As a surveyor, you will ethically charge for office processing time ;).  

May 17

Simple things can make you feel good about what you are doing! Just wanted to buy a dolly for pushing scanner in internal spaces and faced to some unreasonable prices, so decided to get hands on tools. Rhino 3D was a perfect tool to wrap up a simple design and then headed to local tool shop to buy materials for fraction of the purchase price (about %5). Took 3 hours to put it together. Job done!

May 05

Technology is the key to be practical and efficient! Join us to welcome Leica Scan Station P50. The utmost accurate and high-speed terrestrial laser scanner (TLS).
Surveyors understand the values of survey grade compensator well and truly. With such an option, Leica Pxx series help a lot to increase efficiency in field capture stage.

Apr 25

Automation increases efficiency for sure and this the approach we decide to take for modelling rail OLE models. The Top and Ground points have been extracted from point cloud using TopoDOT and MicroStation and the OLE objects have been created in Grasshopper (plugin for Rhino3D). 30 minutes spent for building the grasshopper script structure and 200 OLEs modelled instantly.

Mar 13

Project Overview

The main task of this project was updating the existing elevation views (East and West) for the purpose of locating Telstra antennas in both elevation views.

The elevation views were in arbitrary datum but related to each other 

  • Location: Mount Lawley - Perth
  • Category: 3D Scanning - architectural


Mar 13

Project Overview

The goal of this project was a generating feature survey of 250 m of suburban road.

Scan Data was captured via 22 scan position. The datum was transferred to PCG2020 using SmartNet network. Height Datum transferred to AHD from closest SSM in the aera.

  • Location: Canning Vale – Perth
  • Category: 3D Scanning – Feature Survey


Mar 21

We are super excited to announce that Scan Tech Surveys has been established on 21st of March 2022. This day is also a special day in nature and known as Vernal Equinox and begining of Spring in northern hemisphere.

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