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Jan 11

Short capture time, accuracy, efficiency and reliability are all charactristics of 3D scanning. 

Recently, we have used 3D scanning to prepare floor plans for 3 restaurants (Thai Orchid) in order to be lodged an application to acquire liquor licence. All three places were captured just in 3 hours and data processing around 6 hours. Conventionally, each would take about a day. 


There is no more efficient way than utilizing 3D Laser Scanning technology for creating Floor Plans.


Dec 30

Project Overview

Detail Survey of Dumas house site using Leica P50 scanner. 470 scans were conducted in total and registered with an accuracy of +/- 10mm. 


From 3D Scanning to Feature / Detail Survey 

The Team has recently conducted such a fantastic job for 9 hectares of fully feature land. The feature surveys prepared in DWG and PDF format for plotting purposes. 5 different software packages where used to get to final result and by following effective procedure the quality is always guaranteed. 

Aug 16

Equipment Installation Planning

How often have you been involved in installation of an equipment on the existing structure? How would you make sure that everything goes right at the time of execution? If something goes wrong how much time and money will be waisted?

Well, 3D scanning technology can certainly help in this situation. The process is very clear, the existing structure that needs to be maintained would be scanned and 3D modelled. On the other hand, the new components need to be scanned and modelled too. Finally the two components will be assess in a CAD software to make sure that they are going to fit. 

Here is a recent job the our team has completed.  

Applying 3D Scanning in pre-installation stage can save you time and cost. 


Aug 12

Project Overview

Accurate 3D As-built of internal staircases completed using P50. The challenge of the project was scanning the glazing around the structure of the stairs. 


Jul 19

Project Overview

Using 3D Scanner for feature surveys is the most effective way of doing them. We have recently completed a primary school feature survey captured by a hand-held LiDAR scanner (Data credit to Mine Survey Plus). 

  • Category: Feature Surveys 


Jul 15

Project Overview

The main goal of this project was generating the 2D Elevation View of a 6-story façade. The challenge of the project was a big tree in front of the building so multiple setups had to be done to get the full details. 

The elevation view was delivered in AHD (Australian Height Datum). 

  • Location: Perth City 
  • Category: 3D Scanning - Architectural


Jul 11

CYCLONE FIELD 360 in iPhone 12 Pro Max

Leica Geo System part of Hexagon has recently released CYCLONE FIELD 360 for iPhone and Android phones. We just ran a test to see how efficient it is using it on a small screen. The result is totally promising even on a 6 inch. 

The only drawback is when you receive calls :). Therefore, yet having a dedicated tablet or an old retired phone (within the specs) is recommended. 

Applying new technologies definitly increases efficiency 


Jun 24

Project Overview

The goal of this project was a generating a dilapidation survey report using virtual tour. Unlike traditional dilap-reports, Scan Tech Surveys uses new technologies to conduct such reports. 

We use latest 360 Degree Spherical imagery camera to capture photos and then compile virtual tour. The tour will contain all defective items in shape of, comments, close-up photos, spreadsheet, pdfs, videos, hyperlinks and any other medium that can help to document the current situation of a site. 

  • Location: Perth
  • Category: Virtual Tour - Dilapidation Survey

Here is the link to view the tour:


From 3D Scanning to 2D Elevation Drawings 

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