Wednesday, 15 February 2023 07:46

Structural Modelling

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Equipment Installation Planning

How often have you been involved in installation of an equipment on the existing structure? How would you make sure that everything goes right at the time of execution? If something goes wrong how much time and money will be waisted?

Well, 3D scanning technology can certainly help in this situation. The process is very clear, the existing structure that needs to be maintained would be scanned and 3D modelled. On the other hand, the new components need to be scanned and modelled too. Finally the two components will be assess in a CAD software to make sure that they are going to fit. 

Here is a recent job the our team has completed.  

Applying 3D Scanning in pre-installation stage can save you time and cost. 


Friday, 27 January 2023 04:15

Deflection Report of a Swimming Pool

Project Overview

The main goal of the job was to determine the verticality and deflection report of this swimming pool. Other deliverables were the TIN model of the pool and gradient maps. 


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